Dear Diary

Enough with the dark and dreary!

I’m so over it. Done. Being sombre and depressed over things I may never be able to control is not something I’m willing to spend my time on. I’m ready to move on and embrace hope. They say that it springs eternal, and I’m ready to test the theory. Most especially because the universe is testing me.

Mondays have their own share of problems even without something extra going wrong. And this is why I found myself shaking my fists at the heavens, and yelling, ‘REALLY?” at the top of my voice, while standing in a muddy pool of water right below my bedroom window. And I was standing inside the house.

I had left that morning to a sky that was the bluest of blues. Birds were singing. The sun was shining. Flowers blooming. There were no signs that the mother of all downpours was approaching. Not even the hint of a dark cloud.

And so I left the house, having opened every window in the place, and feeling very proud of myself. Whistling a happy little tune, I shut the front door and turned the key. Little did I know that I was sealing my own watery fate. As soon as I got to work, a fat drop of rainwater, landed on my windshield. It was a solitary drop so I saw no need to worry.

I figured the universe was just playing. It wouldn’t do that to me, would it? Nevertheless, I walked briskly into the office as if subconsciously expecting more drops to follow. They didn’t and I breathed a sigh of relief. But at about 11 o’clock, the sky darkened like it was Good Friday. I began to hear rumblings that sounded suspiciously like thunder. Naa. No way. Not going to happen, I thought. Please God, please God, please God. He must have been sheltering himself from the deluge too because there was no answer. Instead, rain began to come down like someone was pouring it down in bucket loads.

It was as if the damn sky was falling on our heads. That beautiful thing that had been the bluest of blues was now a big, angry, black cloud that threatened to come down on us like some kind of endtime event. As I tried to envision life after death, I remembered – my windows! But it was 11 0’clock. And even if I did make it home quickly, the rain was coming down so hard that the damage would already be done. And done it was, I can tell you.

When I did get home later that day, my house looked like a muddy football field after a storm. There were splotches of dirty rainwater everywhere, even on the toilet paper. Ugh. So. That blue sky rapidly degenerated into the bluest Mondays of them all. But hey, I’m embracing hope.