Putting your mouth where your money is

So it’s looking like sex workers are having quite a profitable time of it, as hundreds of thousands of faithful converge in Nyeri town for the beatification of Sister Nyaatha. I suppose we shouldn’t really be surprised.

Why wouldn’t they? In a gathering of 300,000 people plus, assuming it would be an approximate 50/50, male/female split, any sex worker worth their salt would be able to find a customer….or twenty. In fact, more than likely, they will have more work than they can handle…hence the trooping of the masses in the run-up to the saintly event.

For the sex workers, the three official days of the beatification will probably be the slowest, because folks might be feeling maybe a bit too spiritual to indulge in the temptations of the flesh. Luckily for them, an estimated 1,000 visitors have been visiting every day since April.
That’s a lot of business. The sex work industry is so dynamic. Players move with speed and alacrity as soon as word goes out that there is money to be made. Farmers know this only too well. They spend a good chunk of their annual bonuses on ladies and gents of the night.

The same scenario replicates itself whenever locals around the country come into big money. Sex workers are very efficient when it comes to separating folks from their cash, especially when that cash has just been earned. It’s as if they catch the scent of bank notes burning a hole in an otherwise-poor- person’s pocket.

After a particularly large windfall, some people will walk into a bar and buy everyone in the room a drink, and others will buy a room and pay a prostitute to bring the house down.

And now that the State is compensating land owners whose parcels are in the path of the standard gauge railway, can you imagine the millions that are being invested in the sex work sector? Okay maybe not millions, but a colossal amount of money, I reckon. What a boon!

It sounds so easy, but we have to remember that these workers are trading their bodies for cash, quite literally putting their mouths where their money is. Having a multitude of sexual partners must take a toll on body, mind and soul.

Maybe the divine mist that has descended over Nyeri – thanks to Sister Nyaatha’s elevation to sainthood – will lend its healing qualities to the men and women whose temples are continually defiled, just so they can make a living.

Regardless, the hotel industry at the foot of Mt Kenya, has had to increase its bed capacity to accommodate the massive inflow of visitors. No doubt they will come in handy for all the stakeholders. It’s a blissful time for everyone involved, whether they are enjoying the happiness of heaven, or indulging in the pleasures of the earthly realm.

But you have to wonder, given that prostitutes have flocked to Nyeri to provide a sexual service to a largely religious crowd: What is worse in the general realm of carnality and the ‘works of the flesh’? Adults having consensual sex for a fee, or priests having their wicked way with boys?