Baby & Me

Mama will knock you out!

So. My two-year-old is truly a 21st Century kid because she records everything I say with digital speed and hits the playback button before I can say, “Woops!” And because I’m always saying, “Woops!” (I inherited that particular habit from…

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Dear Diary

Wanja Kavengi has taken over my life

Dear Wanja, Nime-catchi psychosis. You are my inspiration. You’re in my head, like a demon with a keyboard, typing so fast there’s steam coming out of my ears. I will explain. So this guy asks me what my plans are…

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Nappy Diaires

There is a word

There is a word. An actual word that you can find in any variation of dictionary you choose to consult. The word is scatological. It sounds important, yes? Like some sort of highfalutin scientific something or other. Very impressive indeed….

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