What I Wanted to Say Was..

This girl is on fire

Outrage and impotence. Between a rock and a soft place is where we find ourselves. We have front row seats to the some of the greatest injustices in our 50-year old history. Middle age has crept upon us with the sibilance of a wily serpent. I’d go out an buy a sports car, but who can afford it in this economy?

It’s full speed ahead for the people of this great nation. We’re fast approaching the cliff’s edge, seemingly unaware of the steep drop that awaits. And these days, only MPigs can fly, so if we fall, we’re screwed. Then again, a good screw is welcome when you consider impotence as the only acceptable alternative.

Right now, we’re mad as hell.ImageWell, some of us at least. Boiling witrh rage but sttuggling to keep it a simmer. Because if our rage boils over, then it’s all over. So we keep the lid on, only allowing ourselves the occasional Twitter or Facebook rant, before quickly returning to the default, “accept and move on” position. We are a people of fits and starts, having never quite grasped the finishing concept. Result? We have the worst case of blue balls ever. Completely impotent in our response to injustice. And outraged by that very fact.